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O projektu CFB





The organization shall be called ”The Organization of Phenomenological Organizations” (OPO). The OPO shall be a non-profit legal entity.

The OPO shall be composed of archives, centers, societies, working groups, and the like dedicated to phenomenology.

The OPO shall exist to foster communication and cooperation among phenomenologists around the globe.

The activities of the OPO shall be coordinated by an Executive Committee consisting of five members, one from each of the larger regions in which there are phenomenological organizations: Asia-Pacific, East and Central Europe, Iberio-America, North America, and Western Europe.

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for

(a) maintaining a list of organizations that are dedicated to fostering phenomenology and that pay annual dues of 25USD/25 Euros, the funds being used for administrative expenses and toward sponsoring the next meeting, with all revenues and expenditures reported by the end of each calendar year to all member organizations;

(b) organizing the next meeting of the OPO in three years and in a different region; and

(c) nominating a new Executive Committee to the OPO at the next meeting with no more than two members continuing from the previous committee.

This Constitution was established on the basis of a unanimous vote of the representatives of fifty-nine (59) Organizations on November 9, 2002, in Prague, The Czech Republic.

The following persons were elected on the same occasion to form the first Executive Committee:

Asia-Pacific: CHEUNG, Chan-Fai

Eastern and Central Europe: Ion COPOERU

Iberio-America: Julia IRIBARNE

North America: Lester EMBREE

Western Europe: Hans Rainer SEPP

The permanent address of the OPO is: Centrum fenomenologických bádání, Jilská 1, Praha 1, Czech Republic. Ivan Chvatík, Director of the Jan Patočka Archive, Prague is authorized to sign official documents on behalf of the OPO until it is decided otherwise by the committee.


Ivan Chvatík       Lester Embree

Assembly Conveners



Centrum fenomeno–

Jilská 1
Praha 1
111 00
Česká Republika

tel.: (+420 2) 2222 0671

(+420 2) 2222 0672

fax.: (+420 2) 2222 0653



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