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 :: Call for Application : Summer School in Phenomenology, July 21-29, 2001

Center for Phenomenological Research, Charles University, Prague

Phenomenology in the 1920's: late Husserl and early Heidegger


Main Courses:

Basic Problems of Mature Husserlian Phenomenology (J. Moural, Charles University, Prague)

Husserl and Heidegger -- a Complex Relationship (J. Dodd, Boston University)


The typical participant we count with is a bright philosophy student who has already spent between 50 and 1,000 hours on Husserl and comp. and has a serious wish to spend more. Others are welcome to apply but need to consider that the level of discussion is likely to be set for the target group as specified.


English (possibly German can be adopted for some sessions if the participants wish so). Basic German reading skill expected.

Financial Conditions:

Basic-level accommodation and meal will be provided for all participants by the organizer. Those wishing to have a room of their own and/or better meal will have to pay for it. There might be some travel costs subsidies available.


We'd like to gather a group that is small enough to leave room for detailed discussion during the sessions, and excellent enough to make it worthwhile and enjoyable. On a normal day, there will be one 3-hours session in the morning and one in the afternoon. There will be a room for participant presentations (short and informal), too. The participants will be expected to do do some (not very extensive) reading before arriving to the Summer School.

General Orientation:

Our aim is to proceed in philosophy in a way based on the project of the classical, Husserlian phenomenology. One part of that aim is a critical reconstruction of what mature Husserl and early Heidegger were doing and what they wanted to do. This includes studying texts carefully: not in order to do a narrow-minded textual research, but rather in order to understand their project better and to be able to pursue it fruitfully on one's own (and/or to criticize and modify it competently). We do not have a blind spot for the more recent developments in philosophy (both mainstream and phenomenological), but we believe the potential of the classical phenomenology has not been exhausted yet (while it is quite possible that the project needs to be modified in this or that way). We are not shy of asking basic question (like 'is the intentional structure of action different from that of awareness?', 'is eidetic variation a method of discovery or of making explicit the implicit structures of sense?', etc.). We are looking forward to discussing them together with you.


Husserl was born on the territory of the current Czech Republic, and the tradition of phenomenology has been quite strong here since the 1930's (culminating in the work of Jan Patočka, 1907-1977). The Center for Phenomenological Research at Charles University, Prague has been established in 2000. The Summer School announced is the first in a row (at least up to 2004 there will be one each year).



The application (which can be sent electronically or by mail) should consist of the following: (1) basic personal information (there is a form at the end of this text), (2) a brief letter stating what sort of work have you done in phenomenology already and what more you plan to do, and (3) a letter of recommendation. You can add a sample of your work in philosophy (in English, German, French, Czech, Slovak, Polish, or Russian) - please notice this is optional.

The application should arrive before June 18th, 2001.

Participants will be selected no later than June 19th, and we shall send you the information immediately.

Mail address:

Summer School in Phenomenology
Center for Phenomenological Research
Jilska 1
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic (Europe)

e-mail: moural@cesnet.cz (please mention Summer School in the subject line)

Fax: (+ 420 2) 2222 0653


Please contact us if you need more information. There should be some fresh information at the web page of the CFB (http://www.cfb.cuni.cz) as well.


Basic Personal Information Form:

Download Application Form for Print



Post Application Form via E-mail

(Please complete the e-mail message)


If your browser does not support "mailto" protocol, or you have not your browser set up for handling it, please post an e-mail message with following entries:
- Name
- Current Study/Occupation
- Previous Education (University Level)
- Relevant Awards and/or Publications
- Address (mail or electronic or fax) for communication in June
- Permanent Address (if different than above)

to Josef Moural, moural@cesnet.cz.




Download Application Form



Post Application Form via E-mail

(Please complete the e-mail message)


(If you experience problems with the link above, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

Deadline: June, 18th




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